Welcome Back and Welcome!

Welcome Supper 2012
Last night we held a Spaghetti Supper for Fun, Fellowship and Food!

welcome supper 2012‘How many countries are represented by people living in the UAE?’ … 202 ! Not many of us knew that answer. Well done to Jane for being the winner of the quiz last night.

Welcome back ‘everyone’ if you have been away for the summer. Welcome to Abu Dhabi and St Andrew’s Church if you have just arrived. We look forward to many more evenings of fellowship during the course of the year.

2 thoughts on “Welcome Back and Welcome!

  1. Very happy to see u and Avak.The photo is great of multinationals but more whites. R u members of this church?
    It is agroup of happy people and I pray u stay satisfied with the believers.Avak looks quite satisfied and cinfident.
    U look pretty and smart, but I cannot see Ithnan.Beta always try to be close to the Lord.love u very much and lots of blessings

  2. I am very happy to see my daughter Rachel and my grand son avak along with St andrews church community. You all look lovely.

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