St Andrew’s on facebook

St Andrew's on Facebook

Our Facebook page

Now of course this is not for everyone, and we are certainly not asking you all to sign up for facebook! But, a significant number of our congregation ARE involved in social media in one way or another – photographers and photo enthusiasts have accounts with Picasa and Flickr; lots of people like YouTube and have favourites or even upload their own videos; some are even exploring the new Google+ social media idea (part of Google’s plan to rule the world) and of course there is Facebook and LinkedIn too.

We are not trying to be a Social Media church – but we do want to use all of the tools available to make us more ‘findable’ on the internet, enable people to connect with us and get in touch and communicate more effectively with our congregation AND the wider community – locally, nationally and globally.

So, if you want to get connected, just click on the icons at the bottom of this page!

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