What is Spiritual Direction?


In order to find and remain on a path that continues to help us in our journey of faith, we may find it helpful to have someone accompany us who has experience of this same journey. In the Christian tradition there has been a history of spiritual direction (some people prefer to call it: spiritual accompaniment, journeying, or having a soul friend).  The spiritual director is one who accompanies another on their journey, helping the other to gain spiritual insight into their life. The director is someone who will prayerfully listen to you and listen to God, and will try to help you grow in faith in your Christian journey.


We are able to offer spiritual direction at St Andrew’s Church. We have someone visiting Abu Dhabi twice a year and in between times will listen and pray with people over Skype. This offers a wonderful opportunity to spend an hour or so, reflecting on your life and its ups, downs, problems and joys, and where God might fit into all of this. It is also a wonderful opportunity to help discern the future direction God may be calling you to.


There will also be opportunity to be guided in creative ways to help you in your personal prayer life.  The director is not a counselor, although some counseling skills are used.  The director is essentially a listener – listening to the seeker and listening to God, and sharing spiritual discernment to help the seeker grow in understanding of themselves and their relationship with God and others.


There is no charge asked for spiritual direction offered.  However, we do seek donations to enable the ministry to continue and flourish.


We are also able to offer ‘one off sessions’ to help you explore further.


For further details, to chat further about this, or to sign up, please do contact: Rev Gill gillnisbet@standrewauh.org

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