New book – Gospel Magic

Gospel Magic for PreacheOften our experience of preaching (if we are really honest) can frankly be described as instantly forgetable! This troubles me because I happen to be passionate and excited about the Gospel message and we do the Gospel no service if people do not have their imaginations stirred by our message.

The use of visual aids in preaching is Biblical and part of captivating an audience’s interest. I find that magic tricks are a great visual aid and in my years of preaching I’ve found that audiences are impacted and often remember the gospel message more when I use such illustrations. Many are really simple to learn and have an effective appeal and impact across all cultures and ages.

This new book is a hard copy of something I wrote some time ago and enables anyone involved in sharing their Christian faith to communicate ten Bible based messages, using easy to learn magic tricks and illusions, which the listener will never forget.


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