Funerals at St Andrew's Church in Abu Dhabi

Many deaths in the expatriate community in Abu Dhabi are tragic. Whether it be a sudden traffic accident or a life robbed by sickness  – friends and family are plunged into the challenge of making the best decisions on behalf of the deceased.

There is a lot of bureacracy surrounding a death and usually the following organisations are involved.  The hospital, the police. the embassy and the Ministry of Health. There are a couple of companies who can help take care of the practical matters of paperwork and they can advise on all aspects from the moment when a person dies through to their final resting place.

The biggest question when someone dies is usually ‘Where will they be buried? Will the body be repatriated to the home country or will it be buried here in the UAE.”

A second question may well concern the use of cremation or simply to bury to the body in a coffin. Whatever your questions, we can probably help you – download our funeral information document by clicking the button below.

Funeral Information

For further details or to arrange an appointment with the Chaplain call the Church Office on 02 446 1631 or just Contact St Andrew’s