Baptisms at St Andrew's Church in Abu DhabiThe rite of baptism marks the beginning of a lifetime of Christian commitment. It is a sign of belonging to the Church and is a visible expression of faith. 

The Anglican Church in Abu Dhabi baptises adults and children and in each case the symbolism is the same. It identifies the baptism candidate with the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Candidates are expected to be committed members of the church. They are encouraged to fulfill their baptism promises by exercising their faith and discipleship in Jesus Christ through regular worship and prayer. They are also expected to commit to learning together with other Christians the challenge of living out their convictions in Christ.

The Chaplain meets each baptism candidate (and the parents in the case of  child) and conducts a teaching class on the meaning and implications of going through baptism. Baptisms take place at St Andrew’s in the context of the main worship services as this is a public ceremony in which the new members are welcomed into the family of the church.

For more details or an appointment with the Chaplain call us on 02 446 1631 or just  Contact St Andrew’s