Started in 1998 – meeting in what was then called the ‘Upper Room’ – the Women’s Fellowship has become an integral part of the St Andrew’s church community. In the ‘revolving door’ expatriate community that is Abu Dhabi (and indeed elsewhere in the UAE), this fellowship group helps to connect women in the church and the community and to grow together in the faith, knowledge and the love of the Lord.

What’s in store for me?

Good things happen when we gather together on Tuesday mornings!

We meet for coffee, laughter and fellowship at 10 am in a member’s home. Our meetings generally follow a similar pattern – Bible readings, a time of praise and worship to match the theme of the day and of course prayer – and then some fairly comprehensive Bible study which generates valuable and hearty discussions. This is alternated weekly by video sessions.

Why a Bible study?

Over the years, we’ve found that a Bible study in the context of intergenerational small groups (just like this one) is a powerful way to grow and develop intimate relationships with each other and with Jesus. Our Bible study sessions generate some really valuable and hearty discussions  and we also use video studies and other materials in our weekly sessions.

And what else?

St Andrew's Ladies Fellowship - Cycling on the Corniche in Abu DhabiWe also look for opportunities to have fun and invite friends from outside of the church family to join us; to experience the simple pleasure of a community in faith.  We’ve been kayaking in the mangroves, we get together to ride our bikes on the corniche and sometimes just take a picnic out somewhere!  All simply to continue to build our relationships and friendships in this supportive group environment.


When God calls us to ministry He empowers us to accomplish the work that He gives us to do. It is not by our intelligence or our skills that we serve, but by the power of the Holy Spirit!

In addition to our regular meetings we also support ministries and activities elsewhere in the world who need help. At the moment we are…

Visiting leper colony in India where we send clothes and other support.Supporting an orphanage with about 12 children, and help in their church building under the guidance of Pastor Mitra Ram Tamang, and his wife Miriam, from Mahendranagar, Nepal.

Sending consignments of clothes, shoes, belts, toys, woolens to three leprosy missions in Uttar Pradesh, North India. Money was also sent for their Christmas program and the upkeep of staff and patients.

Supporting and financing the schooling and further education of Stephen Baya of Kenya – he is studying for a degree in travel and tourism and will hopefully graduate in May 2012.

Come and join us!

If you are new to Abu Dhabi or to St Andrew’s we invite you to come and join us one Tuesday morning.  Call (02) 446-1631 or simply Contact St Andrew’s