Kindermusik is an internationally acclaimed music and movement programme which complements children’s development from newborn to 7 years old.

Through its  age appropriate activities and high quality materials, such as book, cds and a wide range of instruments, Kindermusik offers a wonderful and complete learning experience.

One of Kindermusik’s philosophies is that A GOOD BEGINNING NEVER ENDS! With that in mind, each child’s innate musical abilities are enhanced through singing, movement, storytelling, instrument playing and group games in a safe environment. Through expert-led guidance, children participate in activities which build up their socio-emotional development, respect their individuality and support their self-expression. What a beautiful way to make their first steps in life!

The Kindermusik Philosophy

  • Child – centred
  • Developmentally appropriate
  • Concerned with the child’s development as a whole
  • Process, not performance-oriented
  • Fun for the child and for families
  • Inclusive for the parents
  • Use of high quality audio and visual learning material in class and At Home

Classes are held in the mornings and afternoons in the Mansbridge Room at St Andrew’s Church compound.

For more details contact:

Hanneke Willson
050 455 1072
02 443 5714

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