Abu Dhabi is an amazing place to be.  As a Church we are located in the centre of a city which is increasingly gaining global attention. Our church members come from many different countries and Christian traditions and it’s a privilege to be worshipping Jesus Christ with them. We also host many different congregations at St Andrew’s and so ecumenical relations are high on our agenda.  Interfaith relations are also a priority and we are reminded of this every Friday as we jostle with the mosque next door for car parking space and the air is filled with the sounds of worship and prayer.

Somebody once described St Andrew’s church as “Evangelical in the pulpit, Catholic at the altar and Charismatic in the pews”.  That pretty much sums us up – in other words we embrace Christians of all traditions and together we seek to be an authentic witness for Jesus Christ in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

I sincerely hope you enjoy browsing our website and discovering a little bit more about us – but of course the best way to do that is to come along to one of services and find out for yourself!

I look forward to seeing you at St Andrews.

Canon Andy Thompson, MBE - Chaplain, St Andrew's Abu Dhabi

Andy Thompson