Just what is the Christian faith and what do people believe?
We believe in an almighty but loving God who is interested in the whole world and everyone in it. His desire for all of us is to love him with all our heart, soul and mind and our neighbour as ourselves. We strive to live the way he wants us to but inevitably fail. God could have chosen to make us earn our right to be forgiven, but instead he sent his Son Jesus Christ to live as a human like us and to die in our place. This is a very brief summary, to learn more, consider joining the yearly ‘Alpha course’(For more details see Alpha leaflet in the folder) In the meantime speak to a Christian you know, who would be only too happy to tell you about their experience.

What denomination is the Church?
As part of the Church of England we are Anglicans. As far as ‘traditions’ go – we are ‘middle of the road’ – don’t worry if you don’t understand this terminology and come and see for yourself. St Andrew’s is in the diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf. Whatever denomination you are, you are very welcome to join us. People from many different denominations – Methodists, Baptists, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Roman Catholics and many more – make our church their spiritual home. Anyone one understanding English is most welcome.

I would like to begin coming to St Andrew’s Church regularly, do I need to “join” or sign any forms?
Yes and no. We would like to get to know you better but you do not have to register or formally sign anything. You are part of the family of St. Andrew’s just by coming to church. There should be two people to greet you and give you the service sheet on your arrival. They are called “sides people”. Please ask one of them to give you a form to fill in with your contact details. Feel free to ask any questions or make any comments on this form and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

What times are the services?
The main service of Holy Communion is at 10.30am on Friday and 10:00am and 6:30pm on Sunday. There also usually is a quiet service of Morning Prayer at 8am on Monday and Wednesday in the side chapel.

What do I need to bring to a service?
Just yourself. When you arrive at Church one of the sides-people will give you the service sheets and a hymn book that you will need. During the service a collection will be taken, so to avoid embarrassment, you may want to have some money handy. Above all, try and come with a heart and mind ready to worship God and be open to knowing his love and challenge.

Where does the collection money go?
Mostly towards the upkeep and development of St Andrew’s Church and compound. Some goes towards funds for the administration of the diocese and St Andrew’s chosen charities. Full details of the accounts are presented at the annual general meeting which is held in April each year.

What is the best time to arrive for a service?
About 10-15 minutes before the service begins, so that you can prepare yourself for worship and greet friends prior to the service beginning.

What is Holy Communion?
The Holy Communion is celebrated at each of our main weekly services. It is the central act of Christian worship in which, through bread and wine, we share in the life-giving spirit of Jesus Christ, as he taught his disciples to do at his Last Supper with them.

Is there disabled access?
There is wheelchair access. Please ask one of the sides-people who will be happy to assist.

Are there any places not to sit?
No, please sit anywhere you feel most comfortable.

Is there a toilet in Church?
Not in Church, but there is in the compound. Please ask one of the sides-people to direct you.

What should I do if my child starts crying during the service?
If you are distressed when your child starts crying, you can go to the back of the Church. But try not to worry, what sounds loud to you is usually not a problem for anyone else. There is a crèche at the back of the church during the Friday service.

Is there an opportunity to meet with people after the service?
Yes, we serve tea and coffee in the vicarage garden or vicarage lounge after the service on Friday and Sunday morning and outside the church or in the big hall by the church after the Sunday evening service. Come and join us and get to know new friends.

Do you have a Sunday School for children?
Yes, we have a “Friday Club” on Friday and Sunday School on Sunday evening at the same time as the service and a Youth Club for young teens after the Sunday Evening service. (See leaflets in folder for more details)

What about weddings, baptisms, confirmation?
We do many weddings throughout the year, baptisms privately or during the Friday service and confirmation once a year during the Bishop’s visit. Please contact the Church office on 02 4461631 between 8.30 -1pm for more details.

How can I request a pastoral visit?
If you have something you would like to talk about in private then please contact the Church office who will arrange for someone to visit you or arrange to meet you privately at the Church.

Would you like prayer for yourself or someone else?
There is a prayer request box in Church, do please drop a note in there. These are prayed for during Morning Prayer at 8am on Monday and Wednesday. You would be more than welcome to join us too.